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Value Store and banking platform

The enterprise banking and value store platform provides the entire ecosystem needed to operate and administer a bank, financial institution or value store.  It offers an extensive back end administration portal, CMS, campaign management, mobile applications, USSD channels, web interfaces and extensive APIs for transactions performed by either customer or merchant type accounts. State of the art and extensively configurable.

Storing and managing values associated with commodities and other digital assets in the same way you would any currency and provide account services on all of them.

e-Vending & distribution platform

The e-Vending platform manages up to 7 levels of franchise down-line based on product, commissions and fees. It also provides a robust set of merchant and agent mobile apps and interfaces as well as an extensive API for development and integration of your own apps should you wish to do so.

Although we are not suppliers of POS equipment (Point of sale) we do offer services whereby we integrate our Android POS software onto various hardware vendor devices. The platform mainly provides an online vending and application solution, but also supplies offline in-store retailer based stock and vending modules capabilities.

Available Modules & Enabled Features

2D Transact enabled interfaces and accounts

2D Transact is a newly patented mechanism producing one of the safest, most private and convenient methods to make payment from any type of value stored. Yes, you read correctly, no cash, no card or any card processing equipment required.

Pre-Paid insurance management module

We offer a prepaid insurance module that works with the e-vending platform and the agent / franchise management structure. On-boarding of policy holders as well as administration and management of policy top-up schedules, notifications and much more. Signing of new policy holders can easily be performed through our USSD menu system designed to facilitate the lowest form of technology in a demanding ecosystem. Proprietary solutions built into the communications to ensure data integrity when connectivity is a problem.

Any type Voucher generation and redemption module

A module available for the generation and management of any type of virtual voucher which is then made available through the e-vending platform. The redemption process is offered to also be deployed through the e-vending agent / franchise management system.

We literally went to market with our first white labeled account service offering two weeks after we engaged with RTG. They have an amazing team of professionals that understand the payments industry and how to give their clients the competitive edge.

CEO - Virtual Bank

Amazing to work with the RTG guys! We made available mobile apps for loading digital units of gold, silver and fuel to our clients to use in no time at all. We could not find any other platform that enabled us to put our commodities into the hands of our customers in such a innovative way. The RTG Value store and banking platform is simply in a league of its own.

Digital Asset ManagerCommodities Supply Company

Our struggling VAS distribution business became profitable the moment we migrated our agents and clients onto the RTG e-vending platform. Out of the box agent applications, ease of use and powerful configuration options delivered instant results.

Program Manager

Highest Quality

The quality of the platform your business transactions are performed on determines the quality of the products and service you deliver to your clients.  With RTG you will always have the highest quality guaranteed.

The Winners Circle

Give your business the leading edge with the RTG platforms. We provide the most cost effective and dynamic way to run your business. We get you to market first and keep you ahead of the curve.

Own Data Warehouse

Manage your own separate data warehouse and write your own reports. This allows your to create your own BIG data set and create innovative dashboards to manage your business with real-time data and statistics.

Multi-National Footprint

The cloud hosted platforms can serve any connected business or business looking to perform online transactions.